I miss you, Gabe


Gabe's List


lowered flags

wouldn't change anything

look up

life: it's not good right now

Tim & Lydia

still a family

not alone

from Daddy

from Mommy

not very brave

written. . .

summer in the midwest (i shall not die, but live)

Four Weeks

the diapers that ended

father's day

definition of okay


(last picture)

from Isaiah


Seven Weeks

to Kamie

the mercy of not knowing

not missing the teeth

Nine Weeks

no more tears

not type A

beautiful ending

Hope (Ten Weeks)

this hand is bitterness

hey buddy

the darkness doesn't hide from Him

mfd picnic (fire service family)

happy birthday, Deeann

dear little man,

stop the world

grief is not a neat little package

he's walking with Jesus

God + music usually = amazing

(. . .rain. . .)


dress blues

bittersweet christmas

seeking communication with those not here

merry christmas, little man

love from us (christmas photo 2010)

(deep sigh)


the grief bookshelf

the grief bookshelf (for kids)

happy 1st birthday, little man

on skeletal comfort

they were meant to be

i am afraid of happiness

love isn't always red tissue

when the story isn't mine to write

the grief scale (not)

tiny little heartbeat (little #4)



blinking cursor disease

lookin' fine: healing is so complicated

so is He there when hearts stop beating?

it's a small (healing) world

shining moments: eli, pt. 1

shining moments: eli, pt. 2

not bridging the gap: life after loss


when carpe diem seems like a good idea

written in stone

happily vs. busily ever after

first world problems

25,000 graves and 10,000 reasons

when sleeping throught hte night isn't happy

(be still)

christmas trees & crusts of bread: when tradition creates tension

merry christmas (2012)


three year birthdays and what scars represent

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