Thursday, September 2, 2010

MFD Picnic - 2010

Strangely reminiscent of last year's union picnic, Cambria's modeling a cute bow. . . actually another self - haircut rescue. Can we all say deja vu?

{Lesson: Keep all scissors out of reach.}

I don't know why, but I was really scared to go to this event. I shouldn't have been. . . it was great and the kids and I even stayed after Daniel headed back to Station #2.

I think just seeing everybody all in one place reminds me of Gabe's funeral, and seeing the guys who were there that morning always makes my heart twist.

I'm not sure that will ever change for me. I see them now and flash back to standing in the street and being oddly aware of their horrified faces;

see them driving away in the ambulance with my husband and my son;

see the world go by again through those engine windows. . .

see them pacing in that trauma room with my husband, hanging onto him

feel them holding on to us

with their arms around our children

weeping with us

never leaving us alone

coming to our house on duty like a solemn rescue mission

to love us and make sure we had enough food and paperware to last til next year


and flowers

and flowers. . .

That was all within two hours.

When people say the fire service is a family - it's true.

We love you guys!


  1. We are family. We love each other and help each other out in a time of need. What a blessing it has been to me over the years.

  2. You are blessed to have all of them around YOU!

  3. How special!

    Cambria looks so cute. I *thought* her hair looked shorter in a picture the other day... :)