Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tim & Lydia

They wept with us; they came; they watched our kids; they took pictures; they were getting married in three days. They postponed their honeymoon. They embody the word "selfless."

And we rejoice with them.

Rejoice that they have each other and that they can do life together.

Rejoice that God will use them in mighty ways.

Rejoice that they love each other so much.

{And I'm not gonna lie, can't wait to spend the 4th with them!}

~Photos from Jodie ~


  1. Makes me smile to see you smile. What you are going through is most painful, but the strength you have is inspirational. Keep writing for your words inspire and motivate. Keep smiling for it makes us all smile. Keep living for God wants us to live our lives, not exist. You and your family is in my prayers.

  2. What a neat sister and brother in law... So glad that they are there for you guys. I bet they're excited to spend the 4th with you too.

  3. How precious they are. Thank you Lord for good friends and family.