Tuesday, September 7, 2010

happy birthday, deeann!

I remember when I met you the very first time at our church. . . and found out we were neighbors! You had just had your third child and I was a little newlywed who didn't know a single person in town. I had no idea then how much our friendship would grow, or how much you would shape my life, (or how much sweet tea I would end up consuming).

I watched you be an incredible mom to {in turn} incredibly happy children.

I watched you love your man.

I watched you find joy in the ministry that your home has become.

I watched you balance community, children, husband, and ministry with grace and enthusiasm and boundless energy.

I admired you - looked up to you - yep, I copied you. {Sweet tea? Yum, it's so good. How do you make that? Ohhhhhhh. Life has never been the same}

I'm not sure at what point we became friends.

But we did.

And wow, am I thankful.

Not sure how to put into words how thankful I am.

(I know, I know, I'm off the charts emotional this summer. Can't help it.)

How do you describe the kind of friend who

a) jumps up and down when you tell her that you're pregnant (#1)

b) dies laughing when she finds out your husband's reaction to #2 {he ran around the block to relieve stress. And he's not a runner.}

c) suggests you get a pregnancy test for #3. (not kidding. Actual conversation: "I just feel so rotten. I just can't get better. I hope I don't have cancer." Deeann: "I think you should go get a pregnancy test.") Annnnnnd, you were right.

How do I describe the kind of friend you can call while you're bawling and say - " my marriage is really stinking right now" and she's there in twenty minutes, sitting on your couch and crying with you? Can't really describe it, but you've been that friend.

How do I describe the kind of friend who visits your babies in the hospital, strings balloons around your front porch, brings you dinner, and then throws you surprise baby showers? Umm. . . you again.

Countless movie nights.

Tons of carpooling.

Answering 10,000 baby questions about Jacob.

Answering 8,000 baby questions about Cambria.

Listening to endless questions without trying to answer as I miss our little Gabe.

Coffee breaks.

Sunday dinners.

Buying the swimsuit I needed for me - when I couldn't make it to Younkers, or Penney's, or wherever - with my credit card - and then enjoying Famous Dave's at my expense. (ha ha - never going to let you live that one down.)

Painting our houses together.

Driving Daniel's stick shift truck for me so I could pick up my Salvation Army finds.

Watching our children grow up.

Helping me navigate the murky waters of toddlerhood. {Biting. Bedwetting. Bad Attitudes}

Bible studies.

Visiting shut ins.

Teaching me how to practically bless the lives of those around me.

You've taught me so, so much about being a woman. About being a mom. About making a home. About being a wife.

So many things I've learned from you.

You were there for me at the darkest hour of my life; you knelt on the floor in front of me as I held our little man and pressed your forehead against mine and cried out in anguish with me. You didn't run from my pain - you ran to it, and I needed you so bad.

I hope you know how many people are blessed by your life.

especially me.

Love you, Deeann.

You are a forever kind of friend.


  1. Wow, I am so crying right now! That was beautiful Hayley.

    (and I'm wondering A. How I become a wife/friend/mother/christian like that and B. if I can steal her away and make her my friend too!)

  2. friends like that are a true gift. hold on tight!
    happy birthday deeann!

  3. Sounds like you have a real friend! And yeah...I'm sitting here at Chick-Fil-A trying not to cry at all these posts I'm "catching up" with right now!

    Happy Birthday to Deeann.


  4. wow. she sounds like the kind of friend I am waiting for :) I just moved to a very new and different place than I am used to and...yes. its not easy!!!

    so glad you have a good friend like her:)