Saturday, July 11, 2009

Golf Course Reality Check

I want to remember her second year this way. . .



early morning hugs

ever present questions

Today, when she was running out onto the green, I called her back- you can't do that, kids can't play just anywhere at a country club, it's not polite. She stopped; cheese, Mommy. . . because I had been taking her picture earlier, and then came running back to me. I love her enthusiasm for life. Love it!

This is the kind of image I want to remember when I see the negative side of all of her exuberance. . . too many questions, never any quiet, early early morning hugs. . .

God, help me keep it all in balance. I don't want my little girl running wild across the golf course, I do want her to be well behaved. But thank You for all of that unbridled joy that she brings to our lives.


  1. And Oh, Lord, let us live with that same exuberance! John 10:10!

  2. What a beautiful picture and very moving words.