Wednesday, June 9, 2010

to Gabe. . .from Mommy

Gabriel James! We love you so much!
Loved your three dimples; I was always worried that I wouldn't be able to tell you "no" when you used those dimples.
I never thought our time with you would be so short. I'm so glad we loved every minute.
I loved that you loved your daddy. You guys had a really cool bond, almost immediately. Your daddy tried so hard to keep you with us, even though we knew you were already in Heaven.
I loved that you loved your big brother. You thought you were a five year old in a three month old body because you wanted to do everything Jacob did. Nobody made you laugh as much as Jacob.
I loved that you loved Cambria. You two had lots of baths together; you would splash her like crazy and she would dribble water on your tummy. You and me and Cambria had lots of early morning snuggles together. She loved you too, Gabe.
You loved dinnertime, even though you couldn't eat. No being exiled to the living room for you! You wanted to be at the table with us.
How do I say goodbye to a little person that I poured my life into? You were such a joy, Gabe. I don't regret one minute of letting other things go to hold you.
Loved your chunky monkey legs. We called you that, me and Jacob: Chunky Monkey. And then we added to it, because you loved people so much - the "Social Chunky Monkey."
I loved your fuzzy head.
Glad I cut your hair.
Glad your daddy let you taste ice cream. (True Novak man you are, my Gabe.)
Glad I carried you everywhere I went.
Glad I have such a special last snuggle time with you to remember.
Glad your daddy kissed you one last time.
So glad we held you so tight for four months. You're the bomb, buddy. Let Jesus take care of you and sing praises to Him till we come to Heaven too. (Cuz we're coming!)


  1. thank you for sharing your heart! Still praying for your family. hugs!

  2. Hold on to these memories forever.

  3. I have no words to say. You and your family is an inspiration. God bless you all with the strength to move on.