Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey Buddy. . .

I miss you on Sunday mornings.

{I miss you on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesdy mornings, too.}

I wish you and I were up together setting out yogurts for the kids.

Wish you were lookin' like a little hunk in your penny loafers and khakis.

I looked in your nursery cubby-hole at church this week for the first time. . . I think I thought maybe I'd find something of yours. But you aren't here, so there wasn't anything left. No little stray outfits or pacifiers.

You get to worship Jesus on Sunday mornings and be with Him. But you aren't with me and that's so hard for me, little man.

Lots of dripping tears for you this week.

I love you, Gabe.




  1. You are going to have bad days. I'm praying for you on this one. I'm so sorry. I can't imagine what this must feel like.

  2. Your tears bring so many tears to this mommy's eyes I don't know how to "comment" (even that blog term itself seems so ridiculous, sometimes). So I'm praying instead...

  3. Thinking about you, and sending prayers your way. (((HUGS!))) I can't imagine how painful, yet dear it must be to see all of the piercing reminders.

  4. Oh, Hayley! I think about you and Gabe all the time. Almost every time I think about Jemima. And my heart aches for both of you. <3 <3