Monday, January 31, 2011

white light love

It's a cold snowy day and I am finally taking down our Christmas tree.

I so miss the glow of the white lights in the living room, though, and Gabe's big tissue flowers. . .  so in they went to the top of the laundry cupboards.

Looking at this photo, I am shocked at the drabness of our bathroom wall color.  Huh.  That may change soon.

Few things make me happier than white lights!


  1. I agree! I just took down my white lights and Christmas decorations on Saturday-and really miss the lights. I liked having the look of them-it was festive. I like your idea of simply moving them to another room-I almost put mine up in my bedroom...

  2. I love white lights, too, and left the pinecone greenery with white lights along the top of the curtains until last weekend. I'm thinking of putting ivy and white lights along the curtains just to bring back some white sparkle in my life.

  3. I love having white lights in greenery or berries. Your lights look really nice. Its hard to take them down after Christmas. Everything looks so bare. I found your blog on another one and have enjoyed looking at it. I will pray for you. I know its hard to lose a child unexpectedly. I pray the Lord will be with you.