Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Little Man

My heart is celebrating you, today, Gabe. . .

What a fun day January 12 was! Non stop snuggling with you from 6:36 AM til midnight.  You were one loved little guy.

You brought so much joy to our home!

You are treasured.

You are His.

You were funny and cheerful and hilarious.

You were loved every single minute by every single one of us.

You are still a happy thing to us.

You are still talked about daily, if not hourly by your brother and sister.

I am so thankful that you were here.

Happy Birthday.


  1. What a lovely sentiment. Happy Birthday Gabe. My prayers continue to be with you and your family. I think of you often.

  2. Happy first sweet heavenly birthday to Gabe. {hugs}

  3. Happy birthday to a little man I look forward to hugging in Heaven!

    (need to update my Google name...)

  4. "Your little one served its purpose. A brief life is not an incomplete life." J. Vernon McGee. His booklet, now online, has ministered to our family many times as we faced different homecallings of little ones.

    Praying for you and your family today.

  5. Happy Birthday Gabe! So glad you can celebrate his life, I have a son who is one month older than him so I can only imagine what you are going through, but your strength amazes me!

  6. May today be a blessed day for you and for your sweet family!!! Thank you for ALL you share with us!

  7. Happy Birthday sweet little Gabe. Know that even strangers keep your family in our prayers.

  8. Happy 1st Birthday to Gabe. God Bless you and continue to comfort you!

  9. Very sweet. Happy Birthday little Gabe. Love you.