Saturday, January 15, 2011

lack of scotch tape

When you don't have Scotch tape can't find the Scotch tape:

Use electrical tape.  It looked terrible, so we kept going.  And then it kind of  turned into a fire truck. . . . WOooOOOoo. . . .

I looove creative wrapping. 

This reminds me once again that while I am very prone to creativity, organization and planning are not my strong points.  The electrical tape will also run out get misplaced; adding tape to the grocery list would be a good idea.

Someday when I grow up the cups will only be on one shelf in our cupboards and surely my t-shirts will be sorted by color.


  1. That is amazingly cute! Way to improvise. It turned out so well.

  2. BY the time you have it together enough that your t-shirts are sorted by color or the cups are all on one shelf, your children will be doing the dishes and laundry. At that point you'll be grateful when the underwear in your drawer is actually yours and hasn't been dyed pink and that the cup in the cupboard is actually clean...

  3. haha I absolutely love that! So creative, when life hands you lemons, right?

  4. that is a better wrap job than if you did have scotch tape!!! love it!!

  5. Very Cute! I should have read you blog about an hour ago. The boys used all the tape and I needed to wrap my sister in-laws B-day present. I used 2 inch wide packaging tape. I'm nout sure she will ever be able to get it open but my point was to get her gift to her ON TIME.

    Your gift looked much better than mine ;)