Thursday, January 6, 2011

january banners

I was not feeling too hot today. . .

{Note to self: when trying to hide pinkeye and a cold by wearing Daniel's Hawkeye stocking hat and dashing into the library *crossing fingers* hoping not to see anyone we personally know. . .

You will see the childcare coordinator from Mops (who defines graciousness, but still. . .)

You will see supermom bloggers who homeschool and cook their own dinners and look super cute and patiently truck their kids to fun programs at the library (hi, Michelle)

and your mother-in-law's college roommate will check out your library books.}

But at any rate, I am comforting my sad appearance and sore throat by making some whole wheat cinnamon rolls and crafting all day. 

I started with this:

This is my stairwell window . . .$5 roman shade from Ikea. . . going three years strong, except for the cord, so I thought it might look cute tied up. I'm really in a funky color mood, and still have tons of orange ribbon, so. . .

. . .then I had this cute green Gap shirt that never fit right. . . (at least that's my excuse - really, the geometric print was just perfect for my little flag banner) plus an orange and pink striped Isaac Mizraih whatshisname- you know, the Target Isaac- tablecloth (or was it a sheet?)

. . . and they became the flag banner.  I just sewed them {without finishing any edges} onto 47 cent 1/4" white ribbon from WalMart. 

The kids love it.  They want to make one go down the stairway railing.  (I just might do that.)

 Then I started thinking I needed little flag banners in my kitchen windows, but I didn't think the size was right, so I cut little circles out and just sewed them onto that same ribbon and thumbtacked them in each of the three windows.
It does brighten the grey January view!


  1. You are really so creative! Loved the idea of the flag. And of course, nothing better than some colors to go with the January blue and grey :)

    Loved it!

  2. Hi to you, too, Hayley...and you are most kind!! :-) I just wanted to tell you that we have the same $5 Roman shades in our house. Yours are much cuter, though! It was nice seeing you at the library last night. One of these days I hope we can have a longer conversation somewhere!!!

  3. *huggles* Get well soon!
    Your curtain and banners are super cute; good job!!

  4. I had that same shirt from GAP and it never fit me right either! Wish I had been as creative as you... I think mine ended up at the Goodwill!