Thursday, January 20, 2011

creating a reading environment

So have you ever noticed

that if you try to display something

your children will mess it up?

I'm one step ahead of my kids this week and we are displaying books in the windows.

They like to read anyway, but they are beside themselves now.  Everywhere they turn, there are books

they haven't noticed before.

They're just irresistible. . .
especially if you can warm your little toes up on the furnace vent. . . .
or snuggle up in your mom and dad's bed. . .

My mom has always encouraged and cultivated a love of reading and books. . . as demonstrated here by Daniel.

who was thoroughly involved in The Great Picture Atlas for Children when we were there for Thanksgiving.

My mom is great at creating every kind of relaxing environment though. . . my mom and dad's house is the one place I can go and totally kick back and let all troubles roll away.

And speaking of relaxing, how cool is my mom's dining room?  I love her house. 
But this has nothing to do with reading.  So on with my current creative tangent. . .

And this idea borrowed from my friend Pam, one of my many mentor friends that ought to blog:
I found these Scrabble tiles today at a thrift store for 65 cents!  Woohoo!

How do you encourage your little people to read?


  1. You are SO creative! I LOVE the Scrabble blocks!

  2. Darling!!!
    If I only had half of your creativity I would be so happy. You have the cutest ideas, I think I may need to hire you ;)
    I hope you get to stay home where it's warm today and read all of your books.

  3. I'm so jealous of your window ledges... apples, books, potted herbs... oh how I wish for a window ledge!

    I totally LOVE the scrabble tiles - I've seen so many fun things you can do with them... Haven't seen them at a thrift shop yet, but when I do I'll be grabbin' them! (I need to thrift more, I think!)

    I've also been talking to Rick about a "reading nook" - maybe in a closet without a door and christmas lights strung from the ceiling, cozy comfy pillows to sit on/against and a shelf or wooden box of books... If it happens I'll let you know! :)

  4. By the way, I love, love, love how you feel about your mom's house and am so jealous. (does she want to adopt an adult daughter?) It reminds me that places like that do exist, and how important it is to do everything I can to make MY house feel like that to other people and most importantly my own children. Thank you for sharing that. Such an inspiration. Hug your mom for me extra tight next time you see her okay? I can't do that with my mom- you are so, so, so blessed!

  5. Those are such innovative ways, especially the scrabble.

    Don't have someone little to inculcate the habit of reading in, but yes, I read a lot. And we have this group in office where we exchange books all the time :)