Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yo-yo tutorial and Giveaway Winners


Hydrant girl, Liz, and Louise. I have three winners because I guess I had confusing rules.

I didn't publish any comments with addresses, either, because I'm not a fan of addresses and real last names floating out there in internet-land.

I actually thought that was kind of fun, and I have another really fun headband idea so I'll do another one next Monday. Check back.

But for now, here is how to make a fabric yo-yo . My sister Nancy got me started on these. Once you make one, you just can't stop.

Cut your circles about 4 1/2 - 3 inches in diameter. I used a vase turned upside down and marked around it with a magic marker.
You can carefully iron a tiny hem around the circle but I think its way easier to turn it with your fingers as you go. Your stitches do not need to be tiny and careful. Just get that needle and thread all the way around your circle.

It kind of takes shape as you go along.
When you get all the way around, pull your thread (gently) tight and tie another good knot. There's your yo-yo!
Then you can sew it onto any hairband you choose.
Or you can glue one onto a magnet.

Or sew buttons on the centers and make wall art out of them like my sister Nancy did:

I've made little note cards with them, too; the yo-yo is the flower and then you can draw on a stem.

I actually saw a Christmas tree garland made out of fabric yo-yos. Who has that kind of time?!?!


  1. If i tried to make those they would be covered in blood from pricking my fingers! I'm so impressed with anyone who can sew. And yaaa that I won!

  2. Cute Cute Cute! I haven't seen anything made by you that wasn't cute ;) I'm lovin your blog and all your cute ideas. I would have voted but I look horrible in headbands.

  3. We love yo-yos too!! A couple years ago the girls made 100 to celebrate our 100th day of school :) We sewed 10 together and hung them from our re-rod tree in our kitchen. Very cool!

  4. That green fabric you have with the dots on it? I have that!! I used some of it for my queen sized "Under the Sea" snail trail quilt!