Saturday, September 4, 2010

shutting the world out. . .

. . . and remembering seven years ago. . .

choosing to spend our lives together. . .

and I'd do it all over again. . .

Happy Anniversary, babe. . . love you love you love you love you.


  1. We loved your wedding! It was such a special day. I think it was one of the very first trips we made with our lil' 8 month old Caleb. :)I remember listening to your vows... looking over at Dave... processing all that we had been through that year...becoming parents...loss... and thinking "I have never loved you more". -But even then, I had no idea - no idea at all - how much deeper that would go. Every year it just gets better and better.
    Happy anniversary Daniel and Hayley. We think an awful lot of you guys.

  2. Happy anniversary! May God continue to grow your love for one another.

  3. Happy Anniversary! In the Bible, 7 is the number of completion and perfection. How symbolic for the perfecting work the Lord has been doing in your marriage through the joys and sorrows you've experienced together. May this year bring more blessings of completion and perfection as you heal and grow, because number 8, your next anniversary, is the number of new beginnings.

    I'm a new follower, but am following with prayer and adoration to the Heavenly Father who is holding you and your precious family in the palms of His nail-scarred Hands.

  4. Hehe, I took that picture! Such an amazing day! I am so happy for you for marrying such a good man. You were certainly excited in that back seat ;).

  5. Congrats on 7 years of marriage!! May the next 7 be a tremendous blessing to you both as you continue to live for Jesus.

  6. Looks like I picked a good weekend to find your blog! I saw it on and thought I'd stop by.

    Happy Anniversary!!