Monday, September 27, 2010

More Headbands

So here is what you need:

silk flowers

headbands. . . cheapest at dollar stores

hair clips (found at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. . . by the time you buy the package, they cost pennies per clip)

glue gun

ribbon to cover sharp edges
 You may need to cut off a little of the flower stem.  Then glue onto metal clip.
This part is optional and I don't always do it, but it's nice to cover the edges of the bottom clip with ribbon.  Just hot glue it on.
And then clip the flower onto the headband.  Total cost:  At the most, $2.  These headbands are so trendy right now and little girly boutiques sell them for at least $10.  I went looking at Walmart to see if I could just buy them readymade;  they are about $6 total there, and they only have pink flowers. 
So cute.  My nieces wear these all the time and they make me want to have another girl. 

So I am going to give one of these away. . .

Leave me a comment and link to your favorite mommy-blog (cuz I love finding  new ones)

and THEN email me your email. (Wow, that was redundant.)  hayley dot firefightersfam at gmail dot com (in case you missed the contact button up at the top.)

I will draw a random winner in the morning.  :-)


  1. Hi Hayley!

    these are so cute! I have been following your blog through Wendi. I have been praying for you and your precious family. I have one little girl who is 9 months old. She is in need of new things for her hair :) Love these!

  2. Fun, I want one! One of my favorite mommy blogs (I have to pick just one???) is

  3. So cute these are! I will have to ask you to put one of these aside for when I have a baby girl :)

  4. Can I just have one because I'm your friend? Just kidding I don't even have a baby girl anymore. Supper cute though! You are so talented : )

  5. Ooo, it's Tue. already! I told myself for a week not to forget to check your blog 1ST THING Mon. morning~ we LOVE your headbands!!! (Last weeks AND these!) I'm kinda new to following blogs, but besides yours, I try to keep up on
    as well as after reading her book, Angie Smith's

    Have a blessed day! (And I think we need to have a "crafting day" sometime, chicky! You do all the stuff I THINK about doing:)

  6. I love those! My favorite mommy blog is

  7. Those are so adorable! I find them new at consignment stores but they are still like 6 bucks each! I'm not a mama yet, but it seems I only read mommy blogs! lol! Some of my favorites are:

    You may already know of them, because I can't recall how I found your blog, but it may have been through one of theirs? Anyway, enjoy!

  8. Hayley, do you read I have a great time admiring all the great kitchen goodies Amy comes up with, and even wishing I was still home schooling!