Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Mom.

My family - we don't really have a tight blogging / facebook / texting circle.

We like techie stuff. . . as evidenced by the dialog below between my 15-year-old brother and myself:


Dad got a blackberry it is sweet :]

Me- via text: My my my- and to think when i lived at home we still had a rotary phone- the times how they do change. :-)

Immediate reply: Dad got a blackberry it is cool!

Me: Um. . . yes, you just mentioned that. Lol- must be the big news!

So we obviously appreciate technology and how it can connect people, but we're more into the real relationship thing, like actually driving insane amounts of miles and really being together.

Which is why this birthday post is really not to my mom, because it will probably be a week before she reads it. This is really more just to tell you, the world out there, how much I love her and how glad I am that God gave her to me.

So here are a few reasons I love my mom.

She loves making the ordinary special. This would mean. . .

pancakes decorated like snowmen

using the burnt "V" in the yard from our waterslide as the catalyst for "V"ictory Day Camp (just us kids, but boy was it fun)

letting me eat green grapes {in a little plastic bowl} in the dark coat closet with a flashlight (oh, the simple pleasures that a four year old delights in)

"pajama runs" (this involved going to the car wash, usually, and then ice cream)

She values the role of a stay-at-home mom.

She loves God.

She reads His Word faithfully.

She pours her life out for others.

She opens the doors of her home to literally hundreds of people each year.

She shows love to those that don't have anyone to love them - yeah, society's rejects.

She loves Orange Cappuccino.

She will drop anything and come immediately if one of us needs her.

She is an amazing grandma. . .

I love her.

Just wanted you all to know that.


  1. And now we know who you take after :) You are an awesome mom, just like your mom. Bless you both!

  2. Your mom is special and I'm so thankful to have known her these past years!!
    Blessings to ..praying for you
    BTW I wonder if your family is going to be at Karas would be great seeing them again

  3. You certainly have been blessed by your amazing mother. I am blessed to be her friend! Both of you are beautiful women of God.

  4. I love your mom, Hayley! And yes, you are a lot like her ... making the ordinary memorable. (And, I find it hard to believe your dad got a blackberry??!!)

  5. You are so blessed to have such a sweet and loving Mom and also for having a beautiful big family. It has been a couple of years since I lost my Dad and my Mom. I missed them deeply and there is no single day that goes by and don't think about them. Still hurts a lot, specially my Mom because she was my hero, my best friend, my .. everything. You are truly blessed Hayley. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom!!

  6. Your Momma sounds like such a sweetie. How blessed you are!