Wednesday, June 22, 2011

june is. . .

Starbucks and Eat Pray Love with Mommy

Ballet Lessons {attempted twirl}

June is. . .learning to overcome fake shyness

June is Watermelon Pineapple Tropical Sno.
No, I didn't choose the flavors.
Yes, he loved his choice.
Yes, that is an awful lot of  red dye #40.

June is floating in the pool.
June is hundreds of dollars in pool chemicals.
June is said pool filter's bearing going out and pool motor threatening neighborhood peace.
June is $269 new filter on it's way. (shipping $12 just in case you wanted to know)
June is Daniel musing over the cost of ripping out said pool and buying a family pass to aquatic center.

June is Miss Kamie time.
{Not staged, both sound asleep}
Place: Mom and Dad's  -   Time: midnight

Also real time, unstaged, 12:00am, Cambria feeding lettuce to her pet bunny.
It lives at Mom and Dad's.  They threaten to send it home with us each time.
How can we deprive the child of this sweet pet?
Yes, we do feel guilty.
No, Daniel won't relent on his no-pets-until-acreage-policy.
Yes, it is pathetic to watch the pet-deprived child carry a snail around for an hour.

June is waking JD up by reading the Seuss-esque I am Not Going to Get Up Today
and then bringing the kids breakfast in bed.

Oh, the intrigue and grown up aura of eating in bed.
{Before you say what an unselfish mom I am, please note that this very easy
idea resulted in my kids staying happily in their rooms with books and strawberries
until 10 am. Signed,  unselfishmom   Selfish Mom}

 Father's Day idea inspired a month in advance by Clubhouse Jr.
(my kids love that magazine)
DAD pizza bagels.

So where are the photos of me?

Well the little people who take pictures of me snap shots like this:

and worse,


Since I must live in the kitchen, I stayed there for my own snap shot of. . . myself.

Happy June!


  1. I loved reading this. You have beautiful children.

  2. Haha! My kids take the same kind of headless shots of me without my knowledge! Love it!

  3. June has been full of good things in my life too.
    Love that last pic of you. Your green kitchen is so cheery. I love it.

  4. Hey Dear. You are so beautiful and I love your heart for your family. So much fun seeing you at the wedding for two seconds. Also LOVED reading your thoughts on our day.


  5. Looks like fun (minus the pool expenses :) ) I love how the pot-hanging rack looks in your kitchen---great pic of you too!

  6. I just found your blog. I love it! I like all the pics you post of your kids and husband and the things you all do together; even the pics that the kids take of you. Seems to be a common mommy theme there. Our summer looks pretty similar; a lot of time together, in the kitchen, in the garden and my girls wanted to learn to sew this summer too. Have fun and love you family!