Sunday, June 5, 2011

because i love weddings. . .

It's not every day that you attend a wedding where the congregation sings worship songs

Your Grace is Enough

Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

and then the bride and groom exit to Reliant K's This is the Best Thing.

Daniel leaned over to me during the ceremony and said this is the most eclectic combination of guests I've ever seen at a wedding.

True that.

So obvious that the bride and groom love people and Jesus and are not locked into associating with any one personality or background or race or denomination.  It was kind of a calico meets Gucci meets dreadlocks meets headcoverings meets tattoos kind of ensemble.

Maybe a little bit what Heaven is going to look like. . .?

I took some snapshots of little things I loved about the reception:
Chalkboard painted directional sign!
I wonder how many gallons of lemonade they made? They were carrying it out in five gallon buckets!

I loved the turquoise table and all of the yellow sugar cookies.

How nice to have a quiet area to suck your thumb!

Entry to the backyard reception held at the home of the wedding photographers. . .

I wonder if this works??

The white lights were strung from cables stretched tight in the trees.  I know because I sat and rubbernecked studied how they set it up.  Can you see all of the chandeliers?  Gorgeous.

Cinnamon Butter
Fresh Cucumber Salad
Roasted Potatoes
Green Beans
Herbed Lemon Chicken
And yes, this is in black and white so that my lobster skin doesn't show.  One day without sunscreen. . .
The typewriter?  It worked.  Messages to the bride and groom from the guests.  So fun.

Father Daughter dance. . . so Cinderella-esque. . . until suddenly. . .
I like to move it move it - I like to move it move it
(you know, the penguins in Madagascar? )

Most hilarious father daughter dance ever.

Another moment I loved:  Adam and Nicole asked for their best man and maid of honor to stand with them while they cut the cake.
because they were so special
That and so they would be really close so that the bride and groom could
turn sharply and smash cake in their unsuspecting faces.
Special Schmecial.
Cambria trying to cozy up to the flower girls.  Check out Miss Tulle.  Cutest flower girl dresses EVER.  They were long versions of the super popular tutus, secured with neck ribbons. You can sort of see a tiny peek of a huge flower in the front center of the dress. Oh. my. word. cuteness.

I loved part of Nicole's vows. . .I want to suffer with you too. . .
It is a joy to see lives united that realize that life is joy and pain all mixed together.
Happy ever-after, Nicole & Adam. . .

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