Monday, June 13, 2011

another little (BOY) at this house!

Oh so exciting today to find out that our little #4 is a healthy growing baby boy. . .

JD:  "He will be my next brother."

I tore my eyes away from that amazing technology to look at my six year old's earnest face. . .

Oh you are so right my son. . .


*long pause*


Both of of cracked up.

She was over her disappointment in about two minutes when she saw her newest brother trying to suck his thumb.

I am not blind to the miracle of this tiny life. . . ten perfect fingers, five of them grabbing at one little foot and five balled into a fist rubbing at his perfectly formed eyes. 

just a tiny dusting of hair. . .

perfect little beating heart

{not the way the sonographer and Daniel were describing it:  oh, the atrium.  yes, and there are the four chambers.  look at those ventricles.  very nice.  Me: It's okay, right??}

And contrary to Jacob and Cambria's suggestions, his name will not be Arthur Alexander, Alexander Arthur, plain Arthur or plain Alexander.

Sorry guys.

You can name your own children however you wish, but this one's ours.

I am humbled at the goodness of God, and the beautiful gifts He has given to us.

So thankful.

So blessed.

Not whole.

Not healed.

But thankful and blessed.


  1. Awww yay! How exciting! Congrats again on number 4! :)

  2. I am just so over the moon excited for you all. -And still vary achingly aware of the conflicting emotions...

  3. Thank you Lord! I praise you, Heavenly Father for the healing balm that this child will provide. Thank you for another son. I pray that your pregnancy will go well.


  4. So happy for your family Haley - praising God with you!

  5. yaaay:) so exciting for you...
    but yes, the conflicting emotions...

  6. So happy and thankful for you guys!! Another son! LOL about Cambria's reaction ;)

  7. Those kids crack me up!! Authur Alexander! That's quite the mouthful!

    I can just see Cambria says 'Rats!' I can imagine she'll love a brother just as much as she wanted a little sister!

    I'm very happy for your little growing family!