Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nate & Allison

Wow, what a fun group of bridesmaids!

Here we took turns praying for Allison minutes before the ceremony- special time. I'm bending down right behind Alli- and it's one of only three pictures I got at the wedding, so I'll have to steal from someone else eventually. (Hi, Cassie, I love you. )

The photographers were friends of Allison's from LA and wow, were they amazing. We had so much fun doing pictures! They already have great pictures up here and here.

Now I'm going to sell my dress on ebay and go on a huge Salvation Army shopping spree with the proceeds.

*footnote: I didn't get a picture of my nanny for the weekend, but she really deserves her own post. My little sister Abbie rose at the crack of dawn with me and Gabe and was my lifesaver! (All for the meager pay of bagels & a raspberry latte from Starbucks. Maybe I'll have to take here on my shopping spree.)

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