Friday, September 4, 2009

our phone date last night. . .

Daniel and I spend so much time apart; it's a treat to spend it together and we don't take it for granted.

But. . .if you can't be together, you can always laugh until your stomach hurts watching YouTube videos simultaneously, via the phone. Yep, we're weird. You can go ahead and say it. (You were thinking it, right?)

Two faves from last night. . .


  1. You are not weird; Josh and I used to do that a lot when we were apart... and we watched that old lady one two nights ago and were laughing until our stomachs hurt!! :-)

  2. well, actually, Rebekah, all credit should go to Josh on this one because his fb post was the reason we ended up doing this!!!

  3. I wondered about that. :-) We haven't had much downtime, and the other day I came upon him in the house sitting and laughing at his computer. I think he watched different "fails" for about 30 minutes! No objection from me, however, since we hardly ever watch TV or do anything like that online. :-)