Monday, April 20, 2009

Barn Demolition

What we do for fun is so twisted. . . this weekend everyone congregated to help Dad tear down a barn for a neighbor; they salvaged all the boards they wanted by dismantling the structure and then tore it down. Plenty of hair raising moments for those who crave an adrenalin rush!
Dust settling. . .

You can see the cable taut. . . they are getting ready to pull it down.

Daniel and Caleb

JD in training

Hey! He is still alive! Yay!

This is the barn before they all started. Dad has tons of cool barn boards from this project if anyone is interested!


  1. ok, you may think i am completely insane here, but i need to comment. i am a good friend of jody landers. my husband and i are sitting here tonight on our computers and i am reading blogs and HE is looking on craigs list for barn wood. so imagine my surprise when i linked to you from jody's blog! i have no idea where you live, but we are in muscatine and are looking for barn wood to put in wood floors. you can email me at burback at machlink dot com if you are serious about getting rid of some! small world!!