Sunday, February 28, 2010

And She's Three!

(Those are girls on little sleds, err, donuts- her cupcake request.)
Birthdays wear a girl out!

Not sure why, but she closed her eyes during the traditional "everybody say what they
like about Cambria" time.

Oh, wow. My own gumball machine.

Life is good and birthdays are over for another year!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Those Sitters. . .

You've always had the sneaking suspicion that they ignored the kids and looked at Seventeen and Brides.

Now you know.

Helper By Design

I borrowed this book from our pastor's wife and haven't had a chance to crack the cover until today. It looks good- I'm always in need of challenge in the area of marriage. I fall so short.

In the little bit I looked at, Elyse talks the contrast of the "So Happy Together" philosophy of marriage vs. "How Firm a Foundation." She suggests that "So Happy Glorifying God" is a better goal than just being happy.

Good reading material for me! At any rate, more mentally stimulating than the newspaper.

There are no trivial assignments in the work of the Lord

- Vance Havner

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jacob Daniel - 5!

JD requested train races, a game that involves boxes tied together.

Note Gabe's box - Daniel said he could race too.

And the little snowboard cupcakes.

Well, another birthday came and went.

We had lots of bad attitudes, ungratefulness and training going on. I'd like to blame it on too much sugar, but I think the more likely culprit is plain old sin.

And as a side note, I never even looked at JD's Cubbie bag from last week, which contained a request for me to bring treats. (note to self: always look in Cubbie bag. always look in Cubbie bag. always look in Cubbie bag.) So when I picked him up and he informed me that I had forgotten to bring snacks for everyone, I was a little surprised.

Don't know which was worse, all those little faces looking at me (there's the mommy who forgets treats) or all of the snowboard cupcakes sitting on the counter at home that I totally could have brought!

Sometimes you just gotta love the way things turn out. The neighbor boys are getting all of the extra cupcakes.

Oh well.

Gabe - Six Weeks!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You haven't lived until you've shopped for a formal with three kids!

Well, I'm here to report on last week's shopping trip.

Armed with an entire bag of candy conversation hearts in my purse, we entered David's Bridal. (Yeah, I'm not even going to pretend we were going to attempt some high end boutique. David's is not Wal-Mart. Or Target. Or even the Salvation Army. David's is a step up for me.)

The girl who helped me really was helpful, and eventually I actually made it to the dressing room with lots of options.

Well, sort of.

Remember the post partum thing? The great stuff they give you to - ahem - help actually pushed that tummy out like no other. Plus, that new jersey fabric that is so in is not friendly to really anyone. I tried on a really cute jersey dress in orange (couldn't zip up the back, but that's another story) and tentatively poked my head out of the dressing room. Horrors, walls of mirrors. ( I remember thinking walls of mirrors were so fun seven years ago in a chic boutique in Minneapolis. Hmm, what changed?)

Wow, orange wasn't my color, and jersey wasn't my fabric.

JD: "Mom, don't get that one." Ok.

Cambria found the conversation hearts. RRRIppp. The floor of the dressing room now was littered with You Rock and Got Love? and Sweet Thing and Goodbye.

Eventually my helpful sales rep or whatever you call the female employees of David's Bridal had mercy on me, realizing I couldn't zip (or unzip) any of the dresses and came back to help me.

I ordered the only dress that fit. In black. It's too short because I'm too tall, but here is where the joys of knowing how to sew kick in and I can add a band to the bottom which will be cool and who knows?

Maybe it will have that custom high end boutique look.

And if anyone wondered what the kids were doing - look below - that's Jacob bouncing a hungry Gabe, and Cambria enjoying the magic of the mirrors. (We got the conversation hearts cleaned up if you were looking for them.)

Mitten Dryer

Usually the kids just lay their mittens over the forced air vents to dry, but the other day I had this brainstorm- isn't it cute? I was going to use ribbon, but then found this old cotton sash that kind of matched in my kitchen. I tacked it underneath the windowsill and added clothespins.

Works great!

"just like the olympics, mom!"

now you see him. . .
now you don't!

Monday, February 22, 2010

(this week for dinner)

Monday: Pasta with Fresh Spinach, Bacon & Chicken

Tuesday: Super Stuffed Potatoes

Wednesday: SpAaghetti (Jacob's birthday request- "please use the long noodles")

Thursday: Rice Something or Other (no, that's not a recipe)

Friday: "Cheese" Salad (Seven Layer Salad) and Chicken Fingers (Cambria's birthday)

Saturday: BBQ Beef Pizza

Sunday: Angel Chicken, Sweet Potatoes & Broccoli Slaw

So what are you eating?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mocha Coffee Punch

Coffee Syrup:

4 c. water

3-4 c. sugar

4 oz. jar instant coffee

Boil and refrigerate.

To serve, combine the following ingredients in punchbowl:

1 1/4 c. coffee syrup

3/4 quart vanilla ice cream

3/4 quart chocolate ice cream

3 quarts milk

Yummy yummy punch! My sister Nancy made this for Tim and Lydia's party on Friday night- it's the best!

MFD lost again.

Special Olympics Basketball - I love the look on Daniel's face!
This is the second special olympics event I've been to (the first was a softball game) and both have been a riot. So fun!
As a society we tend to insulate ourselves from anyone who isn't just like us; what a lot of joy we miss out on.
Life is precious. Every life.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Call me Crazy. . .

but I realized that, on the way to my sister's baby shower (2 1/2 hours away) I have a window of opportunity to look for a bridesmaid dress since I drive through two great shopping cities.

(We only have Wal-Mart here. Nothing against Wal-Mart, but you gotta draw the line somewhere.)

The only hitch is that I have three littles with me.

Think the kids will just be mesmerized and entertained by those three way mirrors?

One can always hope.

And wish me luck trying to find the perfect post partum little black dress.

Once again, one can always hope. (Hey, it's my middle name.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

(Go home and love your family)

-Mother Teresa

{when asked, "What can we do to promote world peace?"}

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I do not, and let me repeat that, I do not like my kids playing with battery operated electric toys. They don't inspire creativity, they make annoying noises, they are fake, and I don't buy them. The few phones and ambulances that Jacob and Cambria own live here because some friend or relative gifted my children with them and I typically don't throw gifts away. (I'm so nice.)

However, I broke my own rules the other night when JD found Whac-a-Mole at Goodwill.
Look at the little guy. He's just so cute. Plus, his batteries were included, and the whole box was only $1.38. Well, you can't buy batteries that cheap- I'm almost saving money by buying it, right? So Whac-a-Mole went home with us, against my better judgement.

What I didn't anticipate was the interest all of the adults had in the little game last weekend. Those are not all children's heads you see above!
Still not a fan of plastic toys, though.

Skiing with the Fam

Next year, it's my turn, JD!
This was JD's first year skiing- he loved it.

Not Daniel's first year, though.

Those guys just love the jumps. (EEEK!!!)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

(what we're eating this week)

Monday: Taco Stuffed Potatoes (this idea from my friend Deeann who should author her own food blog)

Tuesday: Bruschetta Minute Steaks (Iowa beef from my little brother's fair projects!)

Wednesday: Chicken Enchiladas and Rice Salad

Thursday: Beef Stew and Homemade Bread

Friday: Ski trip, so I think we'll let Subway cook for that event!

Saturday: Blueberry Pancakes & Brunch for my house full of people left over from the ski trip

Sunday: Parmesan Chicken & Broccoli/Garlic Pasta

Remember. . .

. . .you are not managing an inconvenience. You are raising a human being.
Kittie Franz