Thursday, February 11, 2010


I do not, and let me repeat that, I do not like my kids playing with battery operated electric toys. They don't inspire creativity, they make annoying noises, they are fake, and I don't buy them. The few phones and ambulances that Jacob and Cambria own live here because some friend or relative gifted my children with them and I typically don't throw gifts away. (I'm so nice.)

However, I broke my own rules the other night when JD found Whac-a-Mole at Goodwill.
Look at the little guy. He's just so cute. Plus, his batteries were included, and the whole box was only $1.38. Well, you can't buy batteries that cheap- I'm almost saving money by buying it, right? So Whac-a-Mole went home with us, against my better judgement.

What I didn't anticipate was the interest all of the adults had in the little game last weekend. Those are not all children's heads you see above!
Still not a fan of plastic toys, though.

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