Sunday, November 21, 2010

dress blues

Special weekend. . .

Kids with inlaws, dinner out on the town in a city not my own, cold drizzling rain and snuggling into our hotel room. . . fun fun fun.
Daniel participated once again in Honoring Our Own. . .

Such a beautiful ceremony.

Real bagpipes.

China set at a table honoring those who won't be there.

Stemware ceremonially turned up side down.

Couldn't stop the tears watching my little man's daddy stand guard at a table for those no longer here.

Watched the incredible presentation of the lives of the fallen. . . blown away to see it dedicated to our Gabe.

Lots of Kleenex.




  1. I'm crying and I wasn't even there. It must have been amazing. I am so thankful you are supported and loved.

  2. That is so special that they dedicated it to Gabe. What an honor for him to be remembered and that you would be showered with love from your FF family.

    I wish Steve had a pair of dress blues. Since it is a smaller dept. the only people that have them are the captians and the white shirts.

  3. Beautiful.... so precious that they did that for you!

  4. What an honor. I'm thinking of you...