Saturday, November 20, 2010

(before & after snapshots)

My back is out

my arms hurt

helped my good friend Carter (age 10) retrieve the middle squirrel of a trio he and Daniel trapped on the roof 

{drumroll for me helping.  This involved a ladder, which I don't do, and tin snips to cut the wire cord attaching the trap to the roof, which I have since been informed, were the wrong tools for the job.  But Daniel was on duty and Carter needed help on the ladder. . . sooo. . . I cut the wire, he held the trap and the hissing, spitting squirrel.  He thought he'd tease me with the little varmint, but I told him I wouldn't speak to him for the rest of his life if he let that trap touch me.  JD heard me and I spent the rest of the afternoon explaining what a threat is. Deeann stood at the foot of the ladder and laughed.  Not funny, Deeann.} 

Oh for a camera when you need one.

I fell off of a bench while rolling the kitchen ceiling

I feel guilty staying home after working so hard for so long

I still have scrapes on my hand from reaching up into a fan that JD had turned on (unbeknownst to me)

But here are a couple pictures of my part (Daniel obviously does the things that really matter. . . like water heaters and drywall and tearing trees out and buying appliances. . .)

Kitchen {BEFORE}

Why, oh why, peach and burgundy?

Kitchen {AFTER}

Obviously the flooring and counter tops stayed.  Cupboards, bright white, walls *journal cover*
What???? You didn't think there was going to be chalkboard paint?
Check out that cool brass fixture.  Seriously, at what point in history did brass ever look good?

Enter, hammered metal spray paint + new shades - new light fixture for $12

So much of the work involved in foreclosures is just simple TLC. . . like super cleaning these vents and cold air returns and giving the grates a fresh coat of shiny black paint.
Dining room and into Living room. . . fresh white paint on all of the trim. . .
Lots of Murphy's Oil. . .

Stairway {BEFORE} . . . how about mustard for a stairway and hallway color?

Stairway {AFTER} . . . oh yeah. Much better.

Master bedroom {BEFORE} . . .  three layers of ceiling falling down and shiny olive walls. . .

Check out the *non mustard* hallway. . .

Oh whew.

I'm so tired.

So today I treated myself to Bath & Body hand soap {spiced pumpkin and pumpkin cream. . . yum} + new boots + aimless shopping + bookoo free samples at the mall + lunch with my gorgeous sis-in-law Karen at Panera + the Hawks who weren't a treat today + a mini candy bar + two matching $3 lamps to make over at Goodwill.




  1. WOW! Wanna come do my house next? We're tearing out carpet and scary rough cut wall panelling this week... who knows what we'll find underneath!

  2. Homemakeover blog 101: Share that beautiful paint color! PLEASE!

    UG, I have nothing but makeover painting disasters going on over here! AAAHHHHH!!!!! Boo! Hiss! Sigh!

    (Except Betty and I did have mucho success with the spray painting ugly brass light fixture project! I may just be addicted to spray painting, although it may have something to do with inhaling those fumes I love the smell of!)

  3. WOW! What an AMAZING transformation!!!! You have a gift for sure! I am SO impressed! It is amazing what a change in color alone will do! WOW WOW WOW!!!

  4. Woooooowwwwwww!! I love what you did. It looks amazing. And yeah - I can not even begin to imagine your exhaustion. That is alot of work. So glad you got some treats at the end. :)

  5. Beautiful! But now my kitchen light fixture (brass) and my peeling stairway wallpaper (faded mustard) don't look so good. =P

  6. How can you not want to move into it?

  7. Wow! Those makeover pics looks great!! Have you ever made-over furniture?? I have a light oak kitchen table and a matching hutch that I am dying to stain or paint but I'm scared to, and need advice! :)

  8. you never cease to amaze me! Great work!!!!

  9. What a beautiful house!!!! Awesome job... what kind of house is this, I'd love one similar!!

  10. I totally love the redo! Great work!! I might use the light fixture idea in my house- there is way to much GOLD in here that I am slowly getting rid of. Ya, don't you just want to move into that house now??