Friday, January 17, 2014

science experiments were invented to torture mothers:

The words at the top of the Science book page read:

Something to do at home:
Funny.  We're already doing everything at home.  Thanks, Science Book.
Then there's just a short list of everyday items that somehow require a gargantuan amount of time to hunt down:
1. 2 clear plastic soda bottles with caps (we don't drink pop. . . like ever. . .) [Jacob lights up at the idea of consuming 4 liters of sugar liquefied in the name of education]
2. small potted plants just alike  *special trip to buy*
3. two flat dishes
4. baking soda
5. vinegar
6. a funnel (do we have a funnel? *search the house from top to bottom, even the sandbox outside in the snow: no funnel.  Spy plastic vanilla bottle.  Pour excess vanilla into jar, cut vanilla bottle in half: voila, a funnel)
7. a glass
8. tape *another elusive household item, found up in Cambria's room*
9. notebook
I know this is all about explaining carbon dioxide but to me this list sounds like a mad treasure hunt that I don't have time for.
It's like saying:
Go find a
bar of Ivory soap (unwrapped)
paper bag (with handles)
piece of elastic
safety pin (1/4" long)
There!  Put it all together and you have a science experiment!
Or  an experiment in how to drive your mama nuts, either way it's an experiment.
I love teaching but I dread science projects.
What's your teaching nemesis?


  1. Hayley, you are one bomb of a mom! lol do you get my pun?

  2. whoops this is elizabeth, logged in as mom!