Saturday, January 11, 2014

menu plan

So this menu plan last week did not account for my stove being out for five days. 

I had to get pretty creative. 

Here's what we ate:

build your own bagel pizzas 
alfalfa, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and Neufchâtel on rye
whole wheat buttermilk waffles
brown rice pudding
made some artisan bread and couldn't bake it (haha)
lentil spaghetti sauce turned soup after a "the stove part will be here!" false alarm 
whole wheat tortillas - black bean salsa - microwaved refried bean taco dip
oven works!!!!!! spinach, feta, bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, grated carrots and Jacob's favorite oven baked corn casserole. 
Oh my word, best mac and cheese ever! sharp cheddar, roux with sour cream + chicken broth, smoke flavoring, bacon. Delicious!! 
back to Saturday and mom's flannel cakes.

What are you all eating? 

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