Saturday, June 15, 2013

sometimes i live for saturdays. . .

So the other day Pandora was playing Aerosmith's Don't Wanna Miss a Thing:
I could stay awake just to hear you breathing
Watch you smile when you are sleeping--
Don't wanna close my eyes
Don't wanna fall asleep
Cuz I miss you babe and I don't wanna miss a thing.
For real, someone needs to come up with a version of this song for couples who have been married for ten years, because while I definitely felt that way at one point in my life
like when I was twenty-one
I still don't wanna miss a thing
but I would really like to close my eyes. 
And I definitely don't stay awake just to hear him breathing. 
I made myself take the weekend off and just breathe.  
Pancakes and some menu planning and book reading 
Sent JD off on an afternoon fishing trip with his buddies
Ran errands with Daniel
Helped Cambria doll up for her daddy/daughter date night event
Oh. . . time. . . freeze. . .

She inherited my complete lack of organization skills and came up with two clip on earrings: one blue and one pink.  We got creative which is what organizationally challenged people have to do and colored the pink and blue stones GRAY with a magic marker.  Whew.  Disaster averted.

She was so excited to go off to her little date night.  Daniel signed up to bring potato salad {????} .  I never make potato salad, but apparently he likes it.  I didn't end up having any time so I invented a new recipe:  PotatoSaladAuDeliCounter. 

Does he look like mischief?  Oh yes, he does.

Off at Navy {SEAL- oh yeah, we're proud} boot camp, Daniel's brother Mark can receive mail now so Eli wrote him a letter today:
 Hi Uncle MArk!
I am writing this letter to you through my secretary while I take a nap. I have had a very busy week. I threw a library book in the trash, I got into markers, I escaped the house and went for a walk, I bought some swim diapers so I could go swimming. I also went to the zoo and saw some monkeys and rode on a little train. I threw my sippie cup in the koi pond and the orange fish sure liked that!
Also, while I was at the zoo, I emptied my mom's last water bottle into the pop vending machine when my mom wasn't looking. As you can see, some type of boot camp is in my very near future. I love you very much. eLi DaViD
After that busy week, Eli went to bed early tonight and Jacob and I called dispatch and let them know we were planning to have a little marshmallow roast.

We built a fantastical fire with about 5 matches (go, me) and then it started to rain. 

I told Jacob it didn't even matter so we put a little tent of plastic over our s'more ingredients and sat in our lawn chairs and enjoyed. 


Yes.  I do love Saturdays.

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