Tuesday, December 11, 2012

christmas puzzle

I tried and tried to talk the kids into a 300 piece puzzle, but they just wouldn't hear of it. 

Tonight we embarked on a 1000 piece glow in the dark snow scene. 

We set it up in our bedroom on top of my cedar chest with plans to keep the door closed, i.e. Eli-proofed.

Cambria said today after Eli broke the light bulb on a decorative candle, "Wow, I am glad that we have a baby, but they sure break a lot of things!"  Well said, my dear.

I'm excited.

We have our bedroom back.  Out of sheer determination, resolve, an allen wrench and just a bit of how did we get to be this weird I moved Eli's crib into our walk in closet yesterday.  Judging by the way he's slept and how he stands in the middle of his new digs saying "wow,"  I am pretty sure he is a fan of the move. 

I told my sister that the only good thing about moving him out at fourteen months is that I didn't have even a twinge of being worried or stressed.  I just felt dumb for waiting so long.

Woo hoo!
{He is also a fan of his little slippers.  So hilarious.  He loves to wear them and then show them to guests.}
Annnnnd. . . 
I knew this was going to happen. . .
I called it at the beginning of November. . .
Daniel was going to finish that house up and then it would be all mine to paint the week before Christmas. 
So glad that I love to paint.
I'm actually very very excited.
Tomorrow morning bright and early I will get to tackle as many rooms as I can finish.  :)
see y'all next year.

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  1. I love the wreath on the door picture!

    I left a comment down on your Christmas Inspiration post- I want to make sure you see it because you have been a huge encouragement to me!