Tuesday, August 7, 2012

oh, vbs

I wish I could remember more about this iconic summer event from my own childhood, but sadly, the only thing that comes to mind is a vague recollection of puppets,  Kool-Aid and a musty church basement smell.

Well that, and the thing that I really remember. . .

You know, those VBS offerings. . .  always going to a mission project.  Our kids are giving toward a well for an orphanage in Africa this week.  My VBS experience was no different. . . except I asked Mom and Dad for money instead of giving my own.  I must have been really naughty young, because I took the dollar bill they gave me and the dollar bill designated for Caleb, my brother, into the back yard.  At my direction, we cut both dollars up in strips and used them for tickets to play amusement park. We even fed them through the slats in the fence.  (It felt like we were putting them in a pop machine.) 

Poor Dad.  He about went through the roof.  I think we had to go gather all the strips from the neighbor's yard.  I do remember offering to tape them back together, but Dad said that just wouldn't work.

I take full responsibility for this wastefulness.  (not your fault, bro.)  What can I say, I guess I've always been creative. 

Our kids are having a blast this week at VBS.  It is one of the highlights of their year. There is just so much work that goes into events like this and I'm so thankful to belong to such a church . . . full of so many selfless people who want to serve the community and especially children. 

So fun.

And so far nobody has scissored their offering money.

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