Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a little (?) for you

Well I could just about eat her up.

When I got off the phone with her coach, I told Cambria what time her practices were, that she needed to bring a ball and that her coach  was Miss Pam.  Her little face took in all the details and she burst out:

"Oh MOM.  I need to go pick out what I'm going to wear!"

I love having a little girl!

(That's always the first thing I think of too.)

*  *  *

Okay, I have a question for you guys who read what I scribble here. 

You know how there are bloggers who write but also post often, daily, links, articles, music, quotes, etc. 

I have really taken this blog down the writing road, choosing to use my facebook account for the short and sweet stuff, but sometimes I wonder about syncing some of that. 

What do you think? 

(Tell me what you think, I'm listening.)


  1. I'm glad to see you have been blogging again. I missed your posts. Miss Cambria is ADORABLE her soccer gear :)
    I can't give you any advice on syncing things, sorry

  2. Jennifer, I didn't mean technical syncing. ;) (i'd be lost there) I just meant rather than just 3 essay type posts per month, adding the type of stuff I post on Facebook.

  3. I appreciate your posts as they are. You are honest, sincere, and "real" in your posts. I also don't really have an answer as I am pretty random with my blog. I sometimes write long, thoughtful posts, sometimes just post a picture, sometimes a brief list of what is going on in my life...it varies. I don't know what others think of my "style" or lack thereof. I guess when I am wondering/questioning my approach (as I do from time to time-especially the randomness), I try to refocus on my original purpose for my blog-first of all to bring glory to God, secondly to give glimpses of my life to my family since I don't live near them, lastly, as a creative outlet (usually recipes in my case). Another purpose that has come up over the course of time, is ministering to others who live with chronic conditions-be it pain, illnesses, etc. The beauty in this last purpose is that there have been times that God has used my rambled thoughts on living with pain to not only encourage others, but He has in turn also encouraged me when others have written back letting me know how they were blessed-by my simple (and sometimes bordering on complaining) posts of what God is teaching me through difficulties-when I was at a particularly low point and very discouraged. I think in this last point, your blog has had HUGE impact for others dealing with suffering and loss-be it of a child, other loved one, or even other various forms of suffering.
    Honestly, sometimes my Facebook status (when I actually get to Facebook) is a brief summary of a blog post...nothing wrong with posting the same things two places. In fact, I do this on purpose with prayer requests because I have friends who only have access to one or the other-thus making sure my bases are covered.
    This may sound simplistic, but my thought is let God direct what you post and how you use your blog. If you have specific goals or purposes for your blog or Facebook, let those help direct as well. I think both Facebook and blogs cab be valuable tools.
    Sorry-this got rather long. Hope it is helpful some way. Keep on writing as YOU! :)

  4. I too have been really irregular on my blog. For that matter, even on Facebook. Syncing might be a good option