Sunday, June 24, 2012

just a little spiderwebbing. . .

Getting to the point in conversations is not a strength for me.

Humbling moment # 256 of the year 2011 was sitting in grief counseling and hearing the great woman working with us turn to Daniel and say, wow. . . she does use a lot of words! I vowed to shut up for good. It lasted about two hours.

I am pretty thankful that I have sisters and girlfriends to share the juicy rambling daily details of life.

One thing I need to be reminded of every single time we go through Love & Respect is how mind boggling this girl-trait of spider webbing is to men.  They want the point of the story first, apparently.  Seems so boring. . .

But Daniel gets so excited when I can whittle down my words and just get to the point.

I love that Dr. Eggerichs points out that given long enough, we can tie all of our anecdotes together;  it is one beautiful story, a picture, a painting in our minds.  This is so clear in my mind, but according to my husband, it comes out in a very confusing manner.

See what you think:

Spiderwebbin' highlights:

Eli screeches if you take something that he wants:  blueberries, his mommy, coffeecake pan into the next room, walking away from the pool. . . so begins his tiny little sin nature. 

Cambria, today:  Dad is leaving for the pire fedartment.  UGH!  I mean fire department. (whispers correct pronunciation under breath about five times to get it right)

Jacob:  Thanks, Mom, for letting us watch Bunza. (Otherwise known as Bonanza.)

Cambria, waxing hypothetical: If someone is not good at tennis, they could just ask Jesus and He could just be the teacher; He'd make them really good at tennis. (We told her the way Jesus would want her to listen to her real teacher and try hard.)

Discovery today:  the kids used my Bath & Body Peach Bellini hand soap for their slip and slide. Die to self, Hayley.  They offered to pay.  I'll probably make them.

Hmm.  I'm thinking none of these little thoughts mesh.  Oh, well.  You can tie it all together and slap the mommy label on it for tonight.


  1. Getting to the point of the story is not my thing either... LOL! I'm use to looks of "Cmon, speed it up! Just get it said!"

  2. I'm a long winded type of person too; esp when I write! :)

    Dr. Eggerichs is great!!