Wednesday, June 6, 2012

adding ahhhhhhh to the dictionary

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is the newest word I've added to my texting dictionary.

Over the last month, the word has embodied this emotion: i don't think i can handle one more thing on my plate!

But after a week spent doing stuff like this:

I'm renewed and refreshed and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh has a more stable, relaxed tone. 

As frenetic and crazy as life has become, I'm so happy to be back in our home.  It's where my heart is.

And I keep working on my porch, just so you know.

This is the June edition.

After a writing hiatus of over a month, I have all sorts of stuff to blog about.

why women see beauty in others and not themselves

less than finest hour parenting

love & respect

salad menus

book club

why i don't need a bigger house

& lots of little things like that.

For now, off to buy some Lunchables for Cambria's swim/lunch/pool date.

(I'll probably be back tonight.  Can't believe how much I missed blogging.  See  you at 11 pm.)


  1. I've missed you and your blog posts and I'm so glad you'll be back

  2. OK, you got my curiosity up. Looking forward to hearing the answers for that list above.

    Your porch looks SO inviting, it really did make me wanna' come and sit and sip a cup of coffee. You have an amazing warmth in everything you do, whether parenting, creating or writing. You are inspiriting!

  3. And we have missed you! So tell us about why women see beauty in others and not in themselves....

  4. I'm all ears! Your front porch looks ... picturesque. But still real. :D

  5. Hey! That porch is looking awesome! :)

  6. Yay. Missed those updates.