Monday, April 30, 2012

aerobics & med school priorities

Over a year ago I wrote about our beloved Pastor A and his other half, Pauline . . . how they were meant to be.
Today I read their beautiful granddaughter's perspective on med school, balance, priorities and flexibility. 

Great read, fun blog. . . check it out!

In other news. . .

I took my very first step aerobics class tonight at the suggestion and invitation of my friend Jess.

Oh. Wow.

Number one, I have no rhythm.  When we were youth leaders, I couldn't even clap in the correct places for the choruses, let alone do all the cutesy actions. When Daniel and I dance try to dance I am the total complete klutz.  I can't even dance obnoxiously, like Kevin James in Hitch.  When I tried to reenact that famous scene for Daniel once, he about fell on the floor laughing at my lack of coordination.  (What can I say, I was homeschooled.)

Number two, I have not allowed myself to buy workout clothing until I get rid of the baby weight. It's stubbornly clinging, so I walked into the class of cute, bright, athletic yoga pants and uber cool shoes and I looked like. . . um . . .  gross. I have grass stains and paint on my Adidas running shoes, which are from my running years. . .which predate Jacob, so. . . they're old.

Number three, I didn't know what a horseshoe was, or a basic step, or . . . really anything.  I desperately tried to keep up and it was really fun when I thought no one was watching me.  My friend Jess was sympathetic for the most part, but my dyslexic dance moves were pretty pathetic and she was being quite polite.  If I were watching me I would have been laughing.

Who am I kidding? With wall to wall mirrors, I was watching me. 

And I was also laughing.

This is what I looked like: 

(The middle dude. )

Anyway. . .

happy Monday to you.


  1. Hayley, you're so sweet! thanks for mentioning my little post on thoughts of being married to a med student... I'm learning a lot, but definitely have more progress to make :)

  2. Hahaha! Im so with you on the no rhythm thing! In chaple my friend used to take my hands and clap on beat for me :o) When my sister and I were in gymnastics and we had to do "dance" steps, my brother would sit on the sidelines and laugh at me. No rhythm what so ever. Good to know there are others out there ;o)
    I loved Kevin James in Hitch (I like him in King of Queens too!)!

  3. There is a reason they have boxing classes and yoga classess and weight machines - so people like you and I don't have to kill ourselves on those silly plastic steps. I feel for you....

  4. Two weeks, Hayley. Give it two weeks of step classes. I did it for 15 years, and I will promise you that if you hang in there just two weeks, you'll have all the basic moves down. Ask the instructor to show you the move in "half-time" if you get befuddled.

    EVERY SINGLE PERSON in that class started the same way as you. Just because they can do it now without thinking doesn't mean they always could. And yeah, some of them are really good and they memorize the routine as its being taught so they anticipate really well. I never got that good, that's why I've never learned to teach it.

    There's only one step class here at 7:45 am (yeah,um....who can do that when the kids have to be at school at 8:10 and the childcare doesn't open until 8:30...???) Anyhoo, I've learned to really enjoy spinning. You might try that if step doesn't turn out to be your "thing". There's nothing to "learn" there...sit your tush on the seat and pedal until your legs fall off.

    Wish I was there to go with you too.


  5. I always thought it would be super awesome to have workout classes at the/a church, or rather, a bunch of ladies gathered together looking silly together while attempting to get some exercise. I would feel so much better looking ridiculous in front of my gracious church friends rather than a bunch of work out fiends.