Saturday, January 21, 2012

oh such a copycat

I did this today with the kids.

Not my idea, wagon or house pictured above.

{But it's super super cute and we have one now.}

I've been thinking today about what a shameless copycat I am. . . it's really quite pathetic.

As a new gym member, do I come up with my own exercise routine?  No, I trot after Deeann, panting trying to keep up, and just copy hers.

Do I come up with my own homeschool curriculum ideas?  Nope, just copy my mother in law.  If my kids graduate from college two years early like Daniel's little brothers with degrees in physics engineering and political science. . .I'm good with whatever curriculum got them to that point.

I worry after reading Ann Voskamp that I'm going to blog like her.  *hit return key five times*  deep, thoughtful sentence.  *hit return key five times*

Hmm.  I try to copy my sister in law's unbelievably organized household.

I want to copy my mom's easy, relaxed hospitality.

I wish I could copy my little sisters' crazy-amazing hairstyles.  (How do you backcomb again?)

I think about copying the mommy-bloggers like my friend Michelle who resolve to not spend any money in January.  (I think I just heard my husband laughing his head off ten blocks away at the FD.)


Nothing's original here, folks.  It's all duplicated from some other brilliant soul.


  1. I KNOW, right??! >_> I've thought the exact same thing of myself. I am NOT original or creative. I take other peoples ideas which I like, change them up maybe a little, and pass them off as my being creative. :)

  2. I am the same! Years ago I would get really annoyed whenever I felt like someone was copying "MY" idea...and now I have become the very thing I used to detest. Ha! :)

    I'm just thankful that God gives creative ideas to other people so that I can benefit from them. :) And I like it when you share ideas...even if they didn't originate from you.

  3. Oh Hayley, how I LOVE your honesty :) It is so true...but why reinvent the wheel when it works? Just so you know...I LOVE to copy you :) I love alot of your ideas for your kids and family, your recipes, your decorating....the list goes on :) AND, I may just copy that wagon too! HAHA :)

  4. Yes, but remember: in order to know a good idea when you see it, that means you are creative enough to have spied it in the first place! :). So take credit for that part! It might be a great curriculum that you stole, but you're the one teaching it ;) Might have copied the gym workout, but only you can burn your body's calories and push yourself ;). If there were no copycats in the world, then Pinterest wouldn't exist! And Martha Stewart wouldn't be here! {Which I slightly wish were true because that lady kinda gets on my nerves} And we wouldn't share amazing chocolate covered recipes for our families to enjoy! :). So keep copying so I can copy!

  5. Just thought I should admit that on FB when I put a ":" at the beginning of my status...yeah, I saw you do it first. And when I blog and put a sentence, then hit *enter* and put the next sentence on another line for emphasis? I got that from you.

    Oh and I'm almost positive when I saw that picture of the wagon with books on Pinterest I thought it was a "Hayley thing". {Which was before I found out you did it. :)} (Using the cute little "{" instead of "(" again. :))