Monday, January 2, 2012

{all things richly}

Leftover chex mix and Eli snuggles;  

kids in bed and my value pack pecan pie candles from Walmart showing up Yankee;

living room a little bit bare from the lack of decorations and our tree;

I had great plans of compiling a massive 2011 faves list, complete with thumbnails of recipes, trips, music, and even purchases. . . but. . . it's not happening any time soon and since I'm in the middle of reading this amazing book. . .

. . .compiling that sort of list also seemed a bit narcissistic.  As a side note, I am so challenged and convicted by Tim Willard and Jason Lacy's thoughtful critique of how our culture has damaged the individuality of people.  It's an excellent read.

So I'll skip the sweet idea of my year in a nutshell (you didn't wanna read it anyway) and pass on my absolute favorite online reads from the past year.  These posts were well worth my time and the words lingered for days and weeks after reading.  Enjoy and be challenged!

On Forgiveness

"I am a daughter failed and I am a parent failing

and I know it in ways now I never knew.

If I rip apart the bridge of forgiveness for my own parents

with my own hands

I destroy the only way my children can come to me."

On Motherhood.
(Don't you just want to read her blog when her shoes are that cute?)

(on the wild ocean life vs. motherhood )

 I absolutely can't wait to travel the world again, but this time, take a little pair of wide-eyes with me, and show them everything there is to see.

I can't wait to pursue my dreams and ambitions, but this time, teach a little soul along the way how to be a feminine woman in a feminist world.

I can't wait to be best friends with my little girl, and one day, best friends with a woman who will know me like no one has ever known me.

. . .it's possible to live a "wild ocean life". But just what exactly that looks like, may change.

. . .as your life changes, your vision changes too,
and you start to see things more clearly until one day, you realize, you are finding meaning and value in where you are, and what you're doing.


On Being Real.
(my beautiful childhood friend Wendi. . . beautiful inside and out)

It was all going to be beautiful
with lightly falling snow
and sugar plums
and holly decking the halls
and mistletoe kisses
when we all changed
out of our matching pajamas
and into our Sunday - Christmas Sunday - best.

Except we don't have mistletoe.

. . . .

There was no snow.

Everything was brown.
Dave went to church by himself.

I managed the chaos of four little boys, most coughing, a few sick, and all a little hyped up on Christmas excitement.
And no one had matching pajamas. ;)

I took a deep breath, tried to erase preconceived notions of how it was supposed to go, and breathed in my reality.


And just cause I can't help it,

can I just give a shout out to



Dunkin Donuts Dark Coffee





chalkboard paint


Loreal 5N


the library


my Bible study group


Goodwill & Salvation Army

(and Forever 21 too)

for bringing beauty to my little world.

Trust. . . in God. . .Who gives us all things richly to enjoy.

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  1. O.k., so brace yourself for the cheesiest comment in blogging history....I cried a little when I saw my blog on here.:) You seriously just made my night. More than night, more like month.

    Sometimes I struggle with blogging. Feeling like it doesn't matter, what is the point, everyone and their mom has one, it's a waste of time, etc.etc. But then when I hear things like this, even if you were the only person this WHOLE PAST YEAR that it would have been worth it.

    Thank-you. You spoke life to me.