Friday, December 16, 2011

five dozen whoopie pies

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:

one jpeg that won't format

two plumbing problems (think bathroom)

three gingerbread houses

four trips to classes


oh. .  forget the numbering. . . (it wasn't rhyming anyway)

Cambria somersaulted off the couch. *into the Christmas tree*  *ornaments flying*

Jacob told me today that when he grew up he would live in our town because he wanted his children to be near their grandparents.  .  . *long pause* {brown eyes} "plus then I would be close to you."  awwwww. . .

Eli charmed all the helpers at Fareway. . . so much that they forgot to load the milk I paid for.

I had lunch with a girl friend and it's always a good day when you can have girl talk, queso, and lime in your Coke all in the same hour.

We missed out on our sappy Friday night Christmas movie because of bad attitudes and disobedience. I went to put the kids to bed and discovered Cambria's room a whirlwind of wrapping  paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, gift tags and crumpled tissue.  *add twenty minutes to bedtime routine*

I read two chapters in Rachel Jancovic's Loving the Little Years and was challenged that order and organization come from my attitude, not from what is actually happening.  She words it much better than I do. (If you have littles, pop her book in your Amazon cart asap.  I am loving it.)

And since its two minutes away from twelve o'clock (my nod to the Twelve Days of Christmas song)  I'd better wrap this up and go finish my FIVE DOZEN WHOOPIE PIES.

*** My mom has been making these every year for as long as I can remember.  She ties each little cake up with a birthday candle and red yarn . . .birthday cakes for Jesus.*** 

Here's the recipes I used tonight.  (No one answered the phone at the home front so I had to look to Google.  sniff sniff)

I used this recipe for the cakes and this one for the creme filling.  And wow, are those little babies good.  I had one since the Slim Fast I was going to have for a fourth meal wouldn't work since I didn't have any milk to mix it with. You know how it is.

Sweet dreams!


  1. Hayley,
    I'm from Maine, which, I believe, is still battling PA in claiming the whoppie pie as their official state dessert:) Not even kidding. Sooo, if you want THE BEST recipe, I can share my Mom's:) We've also be enjoying a new molasses whoopie pie recipe this year~ yum! Hoping to get a trip into Isamax, home of the Wicked Whoopies, when I am home this Christmas. It is an entire bakery, fully devoted to making every flavor & combo of pies & cremes you could imagine! Mmmmm. Okay, better publish this quick before I realize how corny it sounds!

  2. P.S. LOVE your Mom's idea of wrapping them individually with a candle!!! May have to take note of that for next year's birthday party for Jesus... So sweet!

  3. Those look divine!!
    Jacob's comment about wanting to live in your town and be close to his mama and have his kids close to their grandparents... that is PRICELESS!