Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my observations of some people

Some people just can't do ten minute ab workouts.

Some people do side planks that only lift them 1/2 inch off of the carpet and then they are left to fall, panting to the ground.

Some people ironically find the ten minute ab workout link while searching for appetizer recipes that involve cream cheese and bacon.

Some people buy jeans they don't even like just because the tag reads the pre baby years size. . . and they fit. . . is there a way for these people to wear the size tag on the outside?

Some people get exhausted but never actually raise that heart rate in a fat - burnin way.  {Their heart rate gets raised. . . just not in an exercise way.  More in a can't-believe-their-daughter-just markered-on-the-knees-of-each-of-her-five-pairs-of-jeans way.}

Some people keep postponing their Christmas pictures because they keep envisioning losing twenty pounds overnight.

Some people have friends that are such amazing cooks and baby-meal bringers that they weigh more than when they left the hospital with their little punkin. {Blame the friends. Blame the friends.}

Just some observations.


  1. Some people {you} are so beautiful that other people {me} have to pause and stare for a minute. :) First of all, I totally get it. I know the post baby feeling, the many wonderful desert bringing, amazing meal carrying friends. Yes, have totally been there.

    But, here's what you maybe can't see. There is this unique inner beauty that translates outwardly on you that is so stunning, that I don't think it would matter how many bacon wrapped cream cheese balls you would eat...

  2. If it makes you feel any better, it is now a year later and I still am not back to my pre baby weight, my house is still a mess a lot of the time, and I am still sleep deprived (even though I sleep through the night!).

    I often remember someone some advice that some lovely person stopping by to drop me off a meal gave me about never wishing the moments away because they will be gone before you know it! It is so true! Working and eating healthy may fall by the wayside every now and then, but that's okay if its at the expense of your loved ones getting an extra dose of love!

    P.S. I can totally relate to the jeans thing, except I also will try to squeeze into my pre-baby size just to say they fit even if they're so tight and uncomfortable I can hardly breathe!

  3. I would love to have a pair of jeans like that! And the idea of the tag on the outside -- brilliant!!! You make me smile!