Tuesday, December 7, 2010

$20 Master Bedroom Makeover

I just never get tired of makeovers. . .

. . .ever.

So this is my $20 master bedroom makeover.

There were several components that went into the inspiration for this idea.

1) mess everywhere from hundreds of books that needed shelving

2) the chalkboard headboard wall in the movie 500 Days of Summer {not worth watching except for decorating ideas!}

3) makeovers make me so so happy.  I have been rearranging my spaces since I was a little girl.  One night when I was probably only four, Mom and Dad left me with a sitter who dutifully put me to bed, but I didn't go to sleep.  I pushed my bed against a different wall and toodled around in my room til Mom and Dad got home, then crept down to the landing to listen to the sitter's report.  "I don't think she's asleep, " said the sitter, stating the very duh obvious.  {relating that story sounds an awful lot like Cambria.  Hmm.}

Anyway, on with the remake.

Ceiling Fan : repaint+ clean = free
(the amount of paint used is so minimal and I always have black paint)

free shelving (it was headed for the dumpster, seriously) + more black paint and organization= free

            This was our nice, safe, tan colored headboard wall which is now black.  ( $9 chalkboard paint)

Lamps from Goodwill (matching, even) $6
(I will probably paint these black)
I already had the lampshades, so I'm counting those as free, but originally they were $15 apiece

You may be wondering what Daniel thinks of coming home to black walls.  He's cool with it.  He likes order, and really could care less what color organization looks like, but he happens to like black, so lucky me. My tip for painting wild colors:  Do it, (unless it's woodwork or brick that is going to be forever altered) and then meet him with "Babe, it was $20 and if you don't like it I'll happily change it back."  It works for me every time.  I realize I'm stereotyping here, but guys usually don't have vision for this kind of change and they have a really hard time visualizing the idea; however, they are usually okay with the outcome.

Hey, for $20, why not?


  1. Way awesome! I totally agree with what you say about us guys typically lacking the vision for the change that our gals have! There's been so many times that I've come home and been delightfully surprised by what my wife's done for our home.
    Thanks for sharing! (I'm looking forward to what this is going to inspire Hannah to do :-D)


  2. I love the idea for the ceiling fan. We have the back half of our house to paint....grandma's happy with her white walls but I am NOT. I can somewhat agree with you on men lacking vision. I just say "trust me" a lot and plow through with my ideas. Brent is pretty compliant. He is the hands to my brains. Great job. Nice thing with black is that you can add a splash of color on pillows and it will ALWAYS match.

  3. Oooooo, aaaaaaah, ooooo, I love it!!!

    My whole house would be black and red if I didn't like other bold colors, too. :-D I love the change in the fan - looks so good!

    And the side of my bed looks just like that. No, actually it's worse...

  4. Very nice! It's looks all warm and cozy.

  5. Sure, why not? Can't beat $20! And change is good for the soul.
    I like black ceiling fans.
    And white is so... boring.

  6. LOVE it!! It's amazing how "warm" black can be. :) My favorite part? The ceiling fan. It looks 20 years younger. :)