Monday, October 18, 2010

please don't judge

Today. . .

So fun.

Daniel took five hours off in the middle of his {hated by me} 72 hours and went to church with us. . .

I realized I was probably not acting mature by whispering to him in church. 

And note writing.

Not my usual behavior.

I just miss him!

Maybe I should make a sign to hold up - hey I never get to see my man and he's going away right after lunch so we are trying to capitalize on the time. please don't judge.

The kids changed in the van while I grabbed some deli chicken at Walmart (yes, we live there. please don't judge.) . . .

We threw out a quilt at the kids favorite park and ate and shared a conglomeration of pops I'd thrown in the cooler. . .

They played. {i. e. ran back and forth from the park to the bridge to us to the fish to the ducks and back to us}

We talked. {i.e. I talked.  Daniel listened.}

I rubbed his back. {A very good way to get your man to listen to you, btw.}

It felt wrong to know our time was ticking away. 

{Avoiding tempting sermonette about appreciating your man if he's home with you a lot}

I don't know why, but today I just felt very teenager-esque (not.a.word.) . . .

I even {horrible} texted him during a business meeting tonight that I missed him.  (I was careful. Discreet. I think.) please don't judge. . .

So so so fun.

I could use days like this more often minus the 72 hour shift.

(I feel like I should title this post "please don't judge")

I will.


  1. o i love reading your writing!!!my sis' husband is a full time EMT-in-the-middle-of-paramedic-training.yes.I veeeery regularly get sermonettes on appreciating that 1-my husband has 'the wife happy' job. I get to go with him. 2- he is always home on weekends.

    we need reminders from wives like you to keep appreciating our 'hubs time' :D

  2. I can totally relate to how you must be feeling! My beau is a doctor and I know how difficult it is when he has those long duties! Yesterday was a festival here and a gazetted holiday and he was on his 24-hours duty! I hated to be all alone :((

    Those little moments that you steal amidst all the routine are most beautiful! Glad you were able to spend some good time together :)

  3. You make me smile. Glad you've been having good, happy days lately.

  4. i love you.
    it feels good that someone understands the pain of separation. i haven't seen adam in what feels like an eternity. i ache for just a day with him.
    as i sit in church and watch couples not touch each other once during a whole service, not whisper one sweet something into each other's ear, not one loving look. i hold myself in my chair... trying to keep myself from smacking them into realizing what a gift they have. your man is RIGHT THERE. LOVE HIM.
    ok. i'm done.
    love you and lifting you up.

  5. I just found your blog a couple days ago thru "a prairie girl in california"... I'm her sister from Colorado! I love your blog! Keep up your inspiring writing! I read on your blog for like an hour the other night... I wish you courage for each day! I'll be a regular on your blog from now on! :) Rachel

  6. How sweet! I think flirting is so important in a marriage. I just told my hubby, I want of that between us. I would have the 72! My hubby is going away on training next week leaving me behind with six children for five days. Maybe I this will be a good time to flirt with him? LOL!

    I promise, I'm not judging! LOL! Good to see your playful side again.

  7. thanks for being such a great example of how to show love and respect to husbands :). Alan's gone a lot with church, meetings, rehearsals, etc. and our days aren't average days (his job is far from a 9-5 day, and he works half his weekend), and i'm learning how to make the most of our time when he is home. anyway, i too have been guilty of texting him while he's in staff meeting or during a rehearsal :). i say go for it ;)

  8. I love, love, love seeing a picture of you two smiling. Truly. Melts my heart. And nobody who knows you two would judge... They would just be happy that you are finding bits of happiness in life and in each other.

    Love you!

  9. This is a beautiful post... love that pic of you two. and SO glad that you got a few hours with him amidst the 72 hr shift.

  10. love it. The picture is so adorable too. Miss you.