Monday, May 17, 2010

Tents & TipNut

What is it about hide-outs that children just love? I think that feeling of being surrounded must bring them security or at the very least, warm fuzzies. My kids just love the tent concept. After promising for months to hang these curtains for Cambria, I finally did today! She snuggled right in to her bottom bunk with a book. Seriously, how does someone that looks this calm accomplish THIS in the next fifteen minutes??
Yeah, even on my Uppercase Living stuff.
I googled "remove crayon from wall" and clicked on TipNut - wow, what a site!!! They said to use baking soda (I did) and within five minutes - voila!

Just wanted to offer some hope to anyone else with a ruined-by-purple-crayon day.

Back to child training. See ya.


  1. Washable crayons are worth the price!! They clean up with a baby wipe. They should make all caryons like that!

  2. I heard about your family's loss through Julie's blog and just wanted to tell you that I am praying for your family.