Monday, March 9, 2009

Dry At Night

(We are keeping the following individual vague and anonymous)

Maybe it was the shocking realization that my little man is four.

Maybe it was telling him to take his diaper off.

Maybe it was changing the sheets for the too-many-eth time.

Whatever it was, today we sat on the couch and had a little heart ot heart chat, my little man and I. We talked about how easy it was for him to be dry during the day; he has been doing that for two years. We talked about how it was time to be dry during the night and rewards and stickers and new boxer shorts.

Off to WalMart we went. (Every great ambition starts at WalMart, I'm pretty sure.) We surveyed the racks of underwear, boxers and briefs and he carefully chose some baseball themed boxers. Then onto the stickers which was more difficult. He settled *finally* on some pretty goofy animals. ("Daddy will like these. See the cat with the guitar, Mommy?")

So the plan is in place. Keep the boxers dry, come down in the morning and plop a sticker on the calendar and seven stickers in a row will earn a person a trip to the park ("the duck park, Mommy") with the person's dad.

We'll keep you posted.

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