Saturday, September 28, 2013

sister weekend

Snapshots from our sister weekend. . .
my sister-in-law Marlys and I threw a little "thank you" party for
my two youngest sisters, Abbie and Elizabeth
They are continually babysitting, cleaning, stopping by to help, endlessly cheerful
and just plain unselfish.  Last year we all took them out to Biaggi's-
this year we had dinner here and then spent the next day shopping
we sent invitations with menus from Francesca's (local Italian restaurant) and instructions to order
so fun to be together.
I kicked Daniel and the kids out  of the house for the weekend *wink wink* and made the kids bedrooms into little retreat - rooms (in other words, piled all the toys in the closets)
It was so much fun.
When Lydia got here we ran to the library and raided it for every girl - book imaginable to have sitting out 
Seventeen Guide to Style
What not to Wear
1001 Questions to ask Before You Get Married
Picnic Foods
we started out with pedicures from the last salon open in town.
it's kinda fun to set a table for adults ;)

my beautiful youngest sister- Elizabeth

Abbie and Mom

our authentic italian arriving via our authentic italian delivery guy (ha ha!)


all kinds of pizza & pasta
greens with fresh tomatoes, feta & bacon
sparkling water via Trader Joe's (&Lydia)

shopping till we (almost dropped)

we missed one of my sisters.

she couldn't make it.

here's why:

(welcome to the world, my sweet newest lil nephew, zacharias thaine)


  1. you and your sisters are all such beautiful women! the party looks like such fun!

  2. I agree... but I'm kinda partial to one in particular!:)

  3. definitely a highlight of my year. Thanks for making it so special Marlys and Hayley!

  4. brilliant idea to honor those younger sisters. Lydia said she loved it! ...and the congrats on the new lil man.