Thursday, November 8, 2012

where my chubby is

Cambria, poking her pencil on her thigh:  "It hurts when I do this right where my chubby is."

Mourning Daniel's green shift day:  "I wish Daddy was home.  He could look at the feed-birder with me."

After watching me vote:  "Is it okay to re-voter?"

[TMI] Me to Cambria after an entire day of well, ah, lots of tooting:  "What have you been eating?!"  Cambria:  "Mom, I am not eating, I am tooting and I'm sorry.

Cambria picked out these nerd glasses from the Target Dollar bin;  she chose Target over ice cream for a post-immunization reward.  (true woman)

She is hysterical to me!

So I wish I could get my nerd glasses out; would that make me one of the cool organized girls?


  1. i love this, i enjoy your blog so much. i've been following along for awhile now and thought i'd leave a comment this time. thanks for posting :)

    1. thanks for reading, Heidi! i'm honored. :)

  2. She seems totally fun! I love her socks. :)