Wednesday, February 2, 2011

white light love x 3

Subtitle: Blizzard 2011

These are white lights on our back porch. . .

And then , to the left, {follow the white extension cord} you will NOT see my artificial Christmas  winter tree which, buried beneath the snow, ALSO sports white lights. 

I tried for awhile to free the tree and set it upright. 
Then I gave up.
We valiantly made a dent in what I thought was our sidewalk. . . nope, just the yard. 

Finally aligning ourselves with the neighbor's snowblower path, we figured out where our sidewalk was. 

I shoveled and shoveled.

You could shovel all day and maybe clear a couple feet. 

The neighbor kindly had mercy on me and finished the walks for me. 

The kids love this stuff.  They worry constantly that they will run out of snow to shovel and I overheard them today chatting about how now they finally have enough. . . no need to hog it, plenty for everyone!

Plenty like 16.8 inches! 


  1. Aren't you glad the kids are old enough to help a little bit now! Mine think it's fun. Wonder how long that will last?

  2. wow. and we have none here in B.C.Canada!
    my poppies are sprouting and the trees are budding....
    I wish we had at least a little of what you have....would be nice! We only used our snowblower once, and that was a long time ago...

  3. You got your secret wish! There's your snow! :) Cute photos.. they will be fun to see in years to come, huh? Stay warm!!

  4. Wow, lots of snow for you guys!! Love the white stuff; send some our way here in nor cal. ;)
    That ice scraper that Cambria has? We have that very same one!

  5. much snow. Wish we had some here in Delhi (India) too :(

  6. Cute! You are brave! I would have definately left the shoveling up to Luke. That is a LOT of snow. Crazy.