Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Reason # 514 Leather Furniture Was Worth the Wait

While I was sewing like a banshee this afternoon (which went great until the machine jammed - I think it has PMS)
the kids moved the couches themselves
{"Mommy, this pile of socks is too heavy for me to take upstairs" is an excuse that will now officially be lying}
and entertained themselves by jumping back and forth
shrieking & giggling
I'll post my projects later. For now, the dishes. And laundry. And food prep for guests tomorrow. The shriekers & gigglers (and whiners and fussers) are all asleep.
It's my time to get tons of stuff done that stacks up all day while I take care of aforementioned shriekers, gigglers, whiners & fussers. (Probably none of those words are actually words. Please forgive.)

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