Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rose Petals. . .

Sarah asked me to make a rose petal aisle for her outdoor wedding to Micah. . . Daniel helped me stretch out cord to make a precise guide since she wanted very defined edges. I love how it turned out! This idea would be so pretty with fall leaves for an autumn wedding, too.


  1. Awesome idea. Is this your sister? Where is the wedding being held?

  2. Sarah is a dear friend- we have known each other forever, so I don't know- maybe 'sister' qualifies as a definition of our relationship! :)

  3. You did an amazing job, Hayley!! Sarah loved how you were so perfect with this rose petal aisle (just meeting up to her perfectionistic standards, right? ;)). Josh and I just spent a few days with them and got back home today after over a month traveling. I meade sure I told Sarah how much work you did before and after the reception. :-D You were a huge help!!!