Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cambria Faith

I am thinking about my babies today because their little birthdays are coming up next week and I am remembering. . .

It has been so much fun to have them exactly two years apart because it's easy for me to compare what Cambria is learning to what Jacob learned at that same age. Some things are the same (loves to say no: eleven months) but some things are so different! (Jacob Daniel walks at 14 mo. . . . Cambria at 10!)

Cambria has been such a joy from the very beginning. I love how cheerful she has always been and the way she flew into our world. . . even my doctor wasn't prepared! She is funny and optimistic and stubborn and tenderhearted. She loves being a girl. She loves her daddy. She loves her brother. I look at her and thank God that He didn't listen to my request for "just boys, please!" What a gift from God.

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