Monday, December 10, 2012

good old fashioned prank

We couldn't wait wait wait for today; day #10 on the advent calendar involved some reindeer antlers.

A couple weeks ago we saw a car driving around town with reindeer antlers on it and it cracked the kids up so much that we hatched the idea of pranking Daniel.

We snuck down to the FD tonight and attached the nose with very little effort.  The ears antlers turned out to be quite a problem.  They are supposed to snap on the windows.  Wouldn't you know it, I could not get those windows down.  I think they may have been frozen in the up position???  I ran the heat full blast, turned the window defrost on, actually got out and blew along the top.

I really didn't want to take too long since we were right in front of the security cameras;  I was confident I could explain myself but the surprise would definitely be ruined: "Dan, there's  three people climbing in and out of your truck, you may want to go check that out."

So anyway, we settled for the significantly second best spot for the antlers.

*shrieks and giggles*


  1. Lol! I love it! I am enjoying reading about your Christmas activities :)

  2. Oh I love it! Can't wait to hear how the prank goes over.

  3. ya, i too was wondering how the prank went over?!
    fun stuff happening at your house :)